The Top Killer Disease in The World

The Top Killer Disease in The World – Heart Disease 全球头号杀手 – 心脏病

According to the report from the Department of Statistics Malaysia, over 18,000 people in Malaysia died from coronary heart disease, account for the highest cause of deaths in 1998 (15.6%). Coronary heart disease kills 50 Malaysian every day!



The Causes of Heart Disease 心脏病的成因

Many heart diseases occur with the formation of blood clot on top of the cholesterol plaque on the inner wall of a coronary artery. The blood supply is severely reduced, resulting in chest pain and electrical instability of the muscle tissue. If the blood supply to a portion of the heart completely stops, the lack of oxygen and nutrients needed for its normal functioning will cause irreversible damage or death.


The causes of heart disease are not medically certain, but some of the important factors include:


  • One of the hottest areas of medical research, ‘Silent Inflammation’ is now recognized as the culprit that destabilize cholesterol deposits in the coronary arteries, leading to heart attacks and potentially even strokes.


  • Those with high cholesterol levels are four times as likely to have heart disease, as the build-up of cholesterol will narrow their coronary arteries, blocking the blood flow.


  • Smokers are three times more likely than non-smokers to die from heart disease, as nicotine and chemicals in tobacco can cause coronary arteries to crack open and cholesterol to build up. 


  • Those with high blood pressure are three times as likely to have heart disease, as it causes coronary arteries to shrink.


  • Female diabetes is twice as likely to have heart disease and male have a 50% greater risk.


  • Overweight people are at risk from high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes, and therefore, at risk from heart disease.


  • Stress causes the heart to be off rhythm, creates an endocrine imbalance, cause irregular heartbeat and can cause a heart attack.


Several of these seven factors in combination will greatly increase one’s chance of heart disease.



About your Heart 认识你的心脏

The normal heart is a little larger than a first. It pumps blood continuously through the circulatory system. Each day the average heart ‘beats’ 100,000 times and pumps about 2,000 gallons of blood. In a 70-year lifetime, an average human heart beats more than 2.5 billion times.




Amazing Facts 惊人的事实

  • High cholesterol levels are not only found on fat persons. The trend for lean or average persons to gain high cholesterol is rising.


  • The chances of getting cardiovascular disease among women after menopause are much higher, since the amount of estrogen reduces. It is estimated that 30.4% of the women above 45 years of age have high cholesterol problems.


  • Men, with a bald at the top/crown of the head (male pattern baldness) have 32% higher chances of getting coronary heart disease.





Ideal Products Recommendation 最佳产品推荐

1) BIOBAY Q10 4plex – The Best Combination of Healthy Heart Nutrients 心脏健康的营养成分之最佳组合

BIOBAY Q10 4plex Contains Coenzyme Q10, protein soy (nattokinase), L-carnitine fumarate and
Vitamin D3. By combining these ingredients together, the utilization of the efficiency of Co-Q10 increases significantly, becoming up to three times more effective.

BIOBAY Q10 4plex含辅酶Q10、蛋白质-大豆、左旋肉碱富马酸及维生素D。当这些成分结合在一起时,它们能有效地增强辅酶Q10(Coenzyme Q10) 的效率,使它三倍更有效。

Coenzyme Q10 is crucial for heart health. It improves oxygen usage and energy metabolism by the heart muscle. As a scavenger of free radicals, it also helps to protect arterial tissues from oxidative stress and inflammatory damage. 


BIOBAY Q10 4plex helps to prevent heart failure, stabilize heartbeat and aid recovery in people who have had bypass or heart surgeries.

BIOBAY Q10 4plex可预防心脏衰竭、稳定心跳及有助于心脏搭桥/心脏手术病人之复原.


2) BIOBAY BG 35 HeartCare – for All of Your Heart’s Health Matters 心脏之宝

BIOBAY BG 35 contains oat beta-glucan which is approved by the Ministry of Health (MOH) for its clinically proven cholesterol-lowering effect.

BIOBAY BG 35含有燕麦B-葡萄糖,经卫生部(MOH)批准并证实具有临床降低胆固醇的效果。

Consuming at least 3g oat beta-glucan per day helps to lower bad cholesterol (LDL) levels hence reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke.


BIOBAY BG35 is a non-GMO, 100% safe and natural product. It is high in dietary fiber and forms a thick gel in the digestive tract and increases bile acid excretion, thus lowering blood cholesterol levels.

BIOBAY BG35 是非基因改造生物, 100% 安全食用及天然之产品。它富含膳食纤维及在消化道中形成一层厚厚的凝胶,促进胆汁的排出,从而降低血液胆固醇水平。



3) BIOBAY ARTYEAST – Promote Healthy Cholesterol Level & Strengthening Heart Function 维持健康胆固醇水平、增强心脏机能

BIOBAY ARTYEAST is formulated by 3 active ingredients which improve body cholesterol level through the natural and healthy way:

BIOBAY ARTYEAST采用3种活性成份配制而成,能以自然又健康的方式改善体内的胆固醇水平:

  • Red yeast rice which contains monacolin-k, is chemically identical to the active ingredient in the cholesterol-lowering drug – lovastatin that helps to reduce blood cholesterol level and maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol level, helps to strengthen our body cardiovascular system. 

其成份包括含有红麹菌素K (monacolin-k) 的红曲米。红麹菌素K在化学上与降胆固醇药洛伐他汀所含的活性成份相同,有助于降低血液中的胆固醇含量,使血压和胆固醇维持在健康水平,并有助于增强人体心血管系统健康。

  • Artichoke promotes healthy cholesterol levels and supports gastrointestinal health. 


  • Pine bark extract contains a very powerful antioxidant called proanthocyanidins, which strengthens the veins and capillaries throughout the body and enhances circulation.





4) BIOBAY Purmarine Fish Oil Plus – The Miracle of the New High-Dose Fish Oil 神奇的深海精华油

BIOBAY Purmarine Fish Oil Plus is a product of Canada that uses molecular distillation technology to produce concentrated Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 is extremely well-known for the many health benefits that it provides for heart health.

BIOBAY Purmarine Fish Oil Plus是来自于加拿大的产品,它使用分子蒸馏技术生产高浓缩的欧米茄-3鱼油。欧米茄-3对于心脏健康之益处家喻户晓。

Besides, BIOBAY Purmarine Fish Oil Plus also contains sea buckthorn seed oil and vitamin D3, which has anti-inflammatory properties, helps prevent us from heart disease and provides additional health benefits for our daily life.

除此之外BIOBAY Purmarine Fish Oil Plus也含有沙棘籽油和维生素D3,可助您抗防导致心脏疾病的炎症,并提供我们日常生活中所需的营养。



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