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Natural Source Consumer Healthcare Products in Malaysia



A consumer healthcare company is dedicated to diligently offering a range of healthcare products tailored to meet the needs of individuals, facilitating the management of illnesses, and promoting the maintenance of good health. These companies strive to provide accessible and effective solutions for consumers seeking products for their well-being and healthcare needs.
There is a growing trend in the popularity of natural and organic supplements and sports nutrition. Leading products in the market include joint-support care, fish oils, heart-health items, cholesterol-lowering supplements, CoQ10, Gingko, collagen supplements, detoxification preparations, and dietary supplements, with male health supplements also ranking among the top sellers.
Health food supplements and beverages fall under the category of food. The Food Safety and Quality Division (FSQ) of the Ministry of Health (MOH) oversees the regulation of food and beverage products. However, based on their composition and assertions, they may be categorised as pharmaceuticals, requiring registration with the Drug Control Authority (DCA).
Dietary supplements are available in diverse forms, encompassing tablets, capsules, gummies, powders, beverages, and energy bars. Commonly sought-after supplements comprise vitamins D and B12, herbs such as garlic and echinacea, minerals like calcium and iron, and products like fish oils, glucosamine, and probiotics.
The top 5 supplements for optimum health are
Multivitamin: An essential supplement for overall health, a high-quality multivitamin is crucial.
Fish Oil: Vital for regulating inflammation, fish oil supplements supply the body with essential omega-3 fatty acids.
Magnesium: An essential mineral for various bodily functions.Vitamin D: Critical for maintaining health and well-being.
Probiotics: Beneficial for gut health and overall digestive well-being.
The 3 primary reasons for vitamin consumption are to
– Sustain optimal body function
– Promote healthy ageing.
– Ensure comprehensive nutritional support.


All Biobay products except Biobay Purmarine Fish Oil Plus, Biobay Omvizion, Biobay Movfazz Plus and K’yanoll White.
Biobay Fito-C contains 4-in-1 natural ingredients of Acerola Cherry Extract, Rosehip Extract, Camu-camu Extract and Sea Buckthorn Extract, which is easily absorbed by the body. The absorption of synthetic vitamin C to our body is unknown, taking large dose of synthetic vitamin C may have adverse health effect.
At recommended doses, vitamin C supplements are safe. Biobay Fito-C contains 100% natural fruit sources of vitamin C which is gentle to stomach.
Biobay Complesure Plus and DM, especially for those with gestational diabetic mellitus in second trimester.
Biobay Complesure DM, Biobay Gym-Cumin Plus, Biobay Gymcocose and Biobay Nervopane.
Yes, if it is consuming in a high dose. Please follow the recommended dosage.
Yes, Biobay Complesure series is specially crafted in premium grade quality cow milk from New Zealand Dairy Farm.
No, some supplements may increase the effect of medication, and other dietary supplements may decrease it. It is best to make a gap of 2 hours.
No, some beverages, including coffee, contain substances that could interfere with the absorption of some of the nutrients in the supplements. It is best to consume supplements with water.