The Healthier Way of Eating During Chinese New Year

During Chinese New Year, we tend to overeat and resulted in excess fat accumulated inside our body. The situation will get worse when we do not have many exercises and as a result, we gain weight and face digestive and other related problems. The best way is to make a wise choice in food intake, making sure that you are having a healthy and balanced diet! 

How to maintain a healthy diet during the festive season and prevent fat accumulation in our body? 

  • The sole principle should be ‘less oil, less sugar, less salt and more fiber’. 
  • Less oil: keep the usage of oil to the minimum in your cooking. One alternative is to use water to boil, to minimize frying as a way of cooking. Chinese like to eat chicken during festive season because it signifies ‘family fortune’. Do not forget to remove the skin of the chicken, use less salt and oil to cook. You will discover that the dishes will be tastier and healthier.
  • We always neglect vegetables and fruit intake during the festive season. You should prepare more dishes with high fiber content to balance your diet. If you are going to have a steamboat, try to go for food that contains less calories like bean curd. 
  • Prawn and octopus are high in cholesterol, do limit their intake. The best choice is saltwater prawn. You should also limit the intake of sea cucumber, squid, shark’s fin and abalone. Quaver will not affect the blood sugar level, you can take as much of it as you want. Mullet is high in cholesterol, you should also limit its intake and do not use too much oil to cook it. 
  • Preserved wax meats and sausages have high oil and salt content, they also contain carcinogens. Do not eat too much of those. After you eat these kinds of food, please take BIOBAY Phyllanthus and BIOBAY FITO-C in order to minimize their carcinogenic effect. When purchasing preserved wax meat, try to go for leaner meat. You can roast the sausage to minimize its oil content. 
  • When you are taking rice cake or grilled pork, do not use too much spice or sauce. If it is possible, try to make your own dessert, because it is more economical and healthier. Peanuts and almonds have high-calorie content, you should stay away from them. 
  • You should prepare moderate amounts of food and try to minimize wastage of food. Even though unfinished food may be kept in the refrigerator for future consumption. However, incomplete cooking or reheating of that food would cause food poisoning and digestive problem. 
  • Maintain an ‘80% full’ principle, do not eat too much food. Do remember, you only have a stomach, it can only handle a certain amount of food. 
  • Do take a bowl of soup before you eat, it will decrease the body’s absorption of calories.
  • Drink enough water as it will help excrete the poisonous material inside the body. Plain water and Green tea should be your first choice. They do not have any calories and can increase metabolism. Please beware of carbonated drinks and alcohol, too much alcohol consumption will damage the liver and digestive system. 


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