Vitamin C Gummy (80’s)


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Immune Support / Prevent from virus infection /  Avoid Cold & Flu

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Biobay Vitamin C Gummy contains extracts from real fresh fruits. It has been specially formulated to support growing and active children. By consuming adequate amount of Vitamin C, it can help children to stay healthy and improve their immune system. Vitamin C also help is enhancing the absorption of iron.

Extracted From Real Fresh Fruits
100% Natural
No Sugar Added 
No Preservatives
Gelatin & Gluten Free
Halal Certified

Health Benefits:
Repairs red blood cells, bone and tissues
Strengthens blood vessels
Enhances iron absorption
Helps in wound recovery
Improves immune system
Prevent from getting cold & flu

Ideal For:
Growing up children
Children with poor immune system

Direction of use:
2-4 gummies a day with meal

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