Q10 4plex (30’s)


Keep Your Heart Healthy

4 in 1 Formula | High strength of CoQ10 150mg

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Biobay Q10 4plex contain 4 hearth health nutrients – Coenzyme Q10, Protein Soy (Nattokinase), L-carnitine fumarate and Vitamin D3. By combining these ingredients, the efficiency of Q10 increase significantly, becoming up to three times more effective.

Coenzyme Q10
Top heart health nutrients. Q10 improves oxygen usage and energy metabolism by the heart muscle. It helps in recovery of heart attack, deterioration of the heart muscle, irregular heart rhythm and congestive heart failure. It also act as a scavenger of free radicals to protect cell membranes and arterial tissues from oxidative stress and inflammatory damage.

Health Benefits:
– Cardiovascular health support
– Enhance cellular energy
– Helps control high blood pressure
– Helps to improve blood circulation
– Cholesterol reduction

Ideal For:
– Post Covid recovery
– Smoker
– Obesity
– Cardiovascular health problems
– Irregular heart beat
– Uncontrolled stress and anger

Direction of use:
Take 1 – 2 capsules once daily

Do not take this supplement while on warfarin therapy without medical advice.

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Q10 4Plex (30's) X1 + FREE Biobay Q10 4Plex (6's) X1

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