MovFazz Plus (20’s)


Source of Joint Flexibility

Enriched with Collagen Type ll | Relief Joint Pain | Support Joint Mobility



    Biobay MovFazz Plus contains type II hydrolyzed collagen. It is one of the best health foods that can promote joint health. The bioactive collagen peptides in this product are good for elderly, recovery of sports injuries, as well as to speed up the healing of cartilage. Consuming MovFazz Plus may helps to supports joint flexibility and mobility and at the same time reduces joint pain and discomfort.

    MovFazz Plus ideally formulated for individuals who suffering from joint pain, overweight and can be consume by individuals 30 years old and above.


    Hydrolyzed collagen type II 5g (from bovine tendon), Ginger • Soy peptide, Tremella (white fungus), Coral calcium and Vitamin D3.

    Star Ingredients:
    Hydrolyzed Collagen Type-ll
    ✔️ Stimulates the production of collagen
    ✔️ Because it is hydrolyzed it can be absorbed by the body
    ✔️ Highly bioactive and bioavailable
    ✔️ Reduce inflammation in joint
    ✔️ Promotes lubrication which help protect cartilage
    ✔️ Protection of bones at the joints


    AdultsMix 1 sachet daily with 200ml room temperature water, stir and drink.

    Halal No: MS 1500 1187-04/2013


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