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K’yanoll White Japanese Sakura Whitening Tablet (2 x 30’s)


Say “NO” to yellowish dull skin! 向蜡黄肌说“不”!
The secrets to flawless Japanese skin 日本女孩白皙肌肤的秘密!

After 25 (when aging begins), Skin degradation leads to various skin afflictions, such as skin dryness, dull, nonelastic, dark eye circles, eye bags, enlarged pores, wrinkle lines, fine lines, stubborn scars, cracked heels and so on. Therefore, we need to choose the best and the most suitable products for our skincare. Product formula with sakura flower extract from Japan is the best anti-glycation, whitening, prevention on melanin production, anti-aging’s product.
25岁后(身体开始老化),皮肤渐渐退化造成种种皮肤问题,如:皮肤干燥﹑暗淡﹑没弹性,黑眼圈,眼袋, 毛孔粗大,皱纹,细纹,斑痕,脚跟破裂等问题逐步出现。所以,我们必须慎重的选择最好以及最适合自己的 皮肤保养产品。使用K’yanoll White来自日本樱花天然提取物配方的产品,是最佳的抗糖化,美白,预防黑色素, 抗衰老产品。一天1至2颗美白糖,又离“白”富美更近一步了!

Prevention of aging skin yellowish discoloration by the anti-glycation effect of Sakura Extract Skin aging due to oxidative stress may cause “rusty” skin appearance. Meanwhile, glycation stress-related aging of the skin due to the accumulation of AGEs may result in a “burnt” skin appearance. Recent reports have shown that AGEs formed in the dermis cause skin yellowing. In addition to UV light exposure, AGEs have been found to accumulate in the epidermis which ultimately reduce skin elasticity, dullness and skin yellowish discoloration. Besides the prevention of melanin production, anti-glycation is considered an important anti-aging approach in the maintenance of healthy skin texture.

Features 功效:
– Antioxidant & Whitening / 抗老化与美白
– Beautiful , moist and elastic skin / 美丽,保湿及有弹性的肌肤
– Reduce wrinkle and fine lines / 减少皱纹与细纹
– Lightening scars/ 淡化疤痕
– Enhance bust, firming & good looking effects / 增进胸部的结实与美感
– Improve wound healing / 帮助伤口愈合
– Improve skin problems / 改善肌肤问题
– Improved eye health / 改善眼睛健康

Suitable for individuals who want:
– Recommended for all skin types 各种肤质都合适
– Whitening and brightening skin tone 美白与提亮肤色
– Improve yellowish, dark, pigment spots, uneven skin tone 改善蜡黄,暗沉,色素斑,不均匀肤色等肤质状况
– Improve acne and enlarged pore skin 改善痘痘肌与毛孔粗大粗糙肌肤
– Boost collagen for a more elastic skin 加强胶原蛋白打造更弹性的皮肤
– Improve and boost skin condition 改善肤质状况
– Firm up for breast 丰胸
– Reduce melanin and dark spots 减少黑色素与暗斑
– Hydrating and moisturizing skin for dry skin 帮助干燥皮肤充分补水保湿
– Anti-aging and Anti-wrinkles 抗老和抗皱
– Lightening and improve the scars 提亮与改善疤痕

Direction of use:
1-2 tablets daily. Chew the tablet.

– Goji Berry(Wolfberry)/ 枸杞
– Sakura Flower(Cherry blossom)/ 樱花
– Soy Peptide/ 大豆胜肽
– Marigold Flower/ 万寿菊
– Roselle/ 玫瑰茄
– Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen/ 水解深海鱼胶原蛋白
– Tremella/ 雪耳
– Apple stem cells /苹果干细胞
– Microalgae Haematococcus Pluvialis/ 微藻类红球藻
– Vitamin C / 维生素C

Store in cool dry place.

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K’yanoll White Japanese Sakura solve problem of skin dryness, dull, nonelastic, dark eye circles, eye bags, enlarged pores, wrinkle lines.

Having fair skin can be as simple as shielding your entire face and body from the sun, but it is not always practical to do so. We have best whiting skin cream in Malaysia. Even indoors, our skin is still exposed to sun rays that can slowly turn skin tan. The secret is then to turn to beauty products that can decrease melanin production and keep your skin looking radiant.

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