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Daily Needs For Kids

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1* HBAY Shield Pre & Probiotics (30’s)
HBAY Shield Pre & Probiotics not only comprises probiotics to restore the beneficial flora in our gut to boost the immune system, prevent digestive problems and maintain optimum health functions, but it also contains prebiotics to keep the probiotics alive and active. Young children can also take them with ease since they are ultra-fine powder. Boost your child’s immunity with HBAY Shield Pre & Probiotics to reduce their chances of getting sick.

1* BIOBAY Melodious (60’s)
BIOBAY Melodious chewable tablet mainly contains lutein and astaxanthin. Both are carotenoids that can act as antioxidants to protect eye cells from damage. It’s almost impossible for kids to avoid looking at digital screens nowadays, but parents should ensure that their kids get adequate eye vitamins to maintain healthy vision. Lutein, an important antioxidant carotenoid filters the harmful blue light from reaching the inner parts of the eye. On the other hand, astaxanthin which is known as the most powerful antioxidant carotenoid, fight against free radicals to protect eye cells from damage.

1* BIOBAY Happy Kidz Oat Milk (800g)
BIOBAY Happy Kidz Oat Milk is specially designed for growing up kids. It contains DHA which is essential for brain development. Besides, it contains lutein to maintain healthy vision in children. The supreme taste of oat milk is the reason it became the most preferred choice for many kids. BIOBAY Happy Kid’s Oat Milk also contains prebiotics Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) to help stimulate the growth of good intestinal bacteria to maintain optimum health. This lactose-free formula is suitable for children who are lactose intolerant or vegetarians.

BIOBAY Hi Tonix is rich in Vitamin A, C and also B vitamins. The super antioxidant fruits and berries effectively help to boost our immune system and inhibit cellular damage caused by free radicals to maintain good health and delay the ageing process.

2* BIOBAY Vitamin C Gummy (80’s)
BIOBAY Vitamin C Gummy contains extracts from real fresh fruits. It has been specially formulated to support healthy growth in children. It’s important for kids to consume an adequate amount of Vitamin C for good immune function. Excess Vitamin C will be excreted from the body via urine. Be mindful to feed your child with enough vitamin C to prevent him or her from getting sick.

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