Complesure DM


Specially Formulated For Prediabetes & Diabetes

28 essential Vitamins & Minerals | Proven Low GI | Solution for diabetic complications

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Complesure DM with diabetic friendly formula, specially designed for prediabetes and diabetes. Contain a unique blend of quad protein that supports good muscle growth. It also comes with a low glycemic index and contain blood glucose control nutrients that keep blood sugar steady. On top of that, ALA & B vitamins added to provides a good solution for diabetic complications and its prevention, while the quad fibre and Omega 3 & 6 maintain a healthy gut and heart. Complesure DM has no added sugar.

Health Benefits

Solution for diabetic complications
Proven low GI formula contains blood glucose control nutrients that keep your blood glucose stable.
– Keep a healthy heart and digestive system
For muscle growth & maintenance
Supplies essential nutrients for daily replenishment

Ideal for

– Diabetic / Prediabetic / Gestational diabetes mellitus patients
– Obese
– Individuals with high cholesterol level
– Individuals with unhealthy diet intake
Individuals who lack of exercise

Recommended Serving

2 scoops or 60g + 200ml water
Recommended 2 servings per day

Key Nutrients

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Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions13 × 13 × 20 cm

Complesure DM (850g) x1, Complesure DM (850g) [Twin Pack] FREE Complesure Series Milk Sachet x3 (Random Flavor) x3 + Biobay Shaker x1

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