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BIOBAY Hydrogen Life (20’s)


BBH2 is a blend compound of minerals and oil. It generates hydrogen ion and hydrogen gas by reacting with moisture. The blended materials in BBH2 (potassium carbonate, sodium hydrogen carbonate, potassium citrate and silicon dioxide) break the hydro carbon chain, ionize and release hydrogen ion and hydrogen gas. When BBH2 is dissolved, it remains potent in the body for up to 2-12 hours. BBH2 works as an alkalizing agent which exerts an excellent anti-inflammatory property to protect us from being attacked by free radicals generate from metabolic acidosis. In this way, it prevents chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and atherosclerosis. Besides, it aids in weight loss by controlling the plasma glucose and insulin levels. According to heart experts, hydrogen infused water is an ideal replacement for insulin therapy without causing hypoglycemia (low in blood sugar).

By alkalizing our body pH with BBH2, it helps our body to eliminates harmful free radicals but does not disrupt the balance of free radicals and antioxidants. Therefore, BBH2 is able to ensure no excess free radicals that can cause oxidative stress damage to our body cells.

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Features:– Prevent inflammations and reduce body stresses

– Balance the useful and damaging free radicals in the body
– Slow-release of hydrogen in the body
– Improve immune system
– Increase metabolism
– Anti-aging


Suitable for individuals who:
– Wants to detox and alkaline their body
– Always expose to electronic devices
– Have cardiovascular disease
– Low immunity


Direction of use:
Direct consume 1-2 sachets of Hydrogen Life per day. For better result, best to consume 2 sachets.


Lactose (milk protein), Lemon, BBH2 (potassium carbonate, sodium hydrogen carbonate, potassium citrate and silicon dioxide)




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