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BIOBAY Colostrum (120’s)

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BIOBAY Colostrum is delicious and specially formulated for growing children. It helps to cope with active lifestyles by boosting their energy levels. Besides, it can also help to boost their immune system to protect them against infections. Its rich amount of protein and growth factors support children growth and development via enhancement of cells and tissues growth. Not to forget, BIOBAY Colostrum is also enriched with calcium derived from seaweed to support and strengthen your child’s bones and teeth development.

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– Immune booster
– Growth enhancer
– Strong bones and teeth
– Improves digestive health

Suitable for individuals who:
– Children
– Adults with poor immunity

Direction of use:
Chew 1 tablet, twice daily. Chew proper before swallow.

Milk powder, Colostrum, Banana powder, Seaweed calcium, Inulin.


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