Guide in Choosing the Right Toothpaste

Choosing toothpaste can be really confusing; with different brands competing against each other to be the best. Admittedly, many of us will grab the toothpaste which is on sale, or the one with a familiar brand or even the one with the most colourful packaging. Sometimes, we even choose our toothpastes on the basis that they promise us a whiter smile straight away!! The fact is, most people are not even sure what ingredients contained in their bought toothpastes, they always think that each one promises to be better than the other. What if we take a good study in it? Do natural ingredient toothpaste provide more effective function than chemical toothpaste? 

BIOBAY product research team found that coconut oil may be a better ingredient to replace other toothpaste. All over the time, coconut oil has been used in the age-old remedy of oil pulling to detoxify, naturally whiten, and improve gum health. There are so many reason to choose coconut oil as our toothpaste:

Reasons of Using Coconut Oil as Toothpaste
• 100% Virgin Coconut Oil
• 100% Fluoride Free
• 100% All Natural
• 100% vegetarian and Halal
• 100% Safe and natural ingredients

Introducing BIOBAY Vibrant Bright Toothpaste,  produce with the combination of coconut oil and salt that can provide a naturally clean, fresh brushing experience without any harmful chemicals or synthetic foaming agents.

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