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Side effects from missing sleep

The most well-known and common side effects from lack of sleep, are feeling grumpy and not functioning at your best. However, did you know that sleep ...

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Natural Calcium Vs Calcium Carbonate

Coral  calcium Calcium carbonate Natural source of  calcium Synthetic calcium   Contains every mineral found in the body . it contains 72 types...

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Having Constipation Problem?

Here’s a way to let you get rid off constipation problem. Psyllium Husk, derived from the seeds of Plantago ovata, a herb mainly grown in India,...

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Guide in Choosing the Right Toothpaste

Choosing toothpaste can be really confusing; with different brands competing against each other to be the best. Admittedly, many of us will grab the t...

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Importance of Calcium for Your Body

The body contains more calcium than any other mineral. 99% found in bone and teeth and 1% is in the blood. Calcium is important for heart health, nerv...

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