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BioBay is selling Quality Healthcare Products & Supplements in Malaysia.

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Putting the “Care” Back into Healthcare

Before there was BioBay, there was a vision. A vision for exceptional, consumer-oriented healthcare. Post-2000s, the healthcare sector was booming with consumers becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of good healthcare. With the sector then dominated largely by global conglomerates however, healthcare products available at the time were highly industrialized and impersonal, mass-produced with a “one size fits all” strategy. Finding the right healthcare product was a challenge for consumers with needs beyond the mainstream. There had to be a better way to meet consumer healthcare needs. We just have to listen. That was exactly what we did – we listened, and BioBay was born.

Established in 2008, BioBay has founded with the core belief that the healthcare business begins not with the product, but with the consumer. This belief is perfectly encapsulated even in our corporate logotype featuring “37°C Health Care” which reflects the optimal human body temperature. Since its maiden product launch, BioBay has grown steadily over the years and now carries over 40 healthcare products that are well-recognized in the Malaysian market. Moving forward, BioBay aims to further advance the brand to meet international standards. As a 100% home-grown Malaysian brand, BioBay takes great pride in sharing the national responsibility of elevating the Malaysian healthcare industry to global levels.


Innovating for Health

There is much more to health than just eating right and maintaining general wellness. With living environments and modern lifestyles rapidly evolving, we need all the help we can get to stay ahead of the health curve.

At BioBay, we understand that healthcare is often personal. No two individuals are the same and choices, preferences and tastes vary from one person to another. In order to meet these diverse needs, we had to think outside the box - we had to innovate. With these insights in mind, we ventured into formulating our own healthcare products. Our team collaborated with leading local and international pharmaceutical organizations and strategic partnerships were established to allow for the creation of customized formulas to be exclusively marketed under our very own BioBay label.


Expanding the Healthcare Horizon

Each product introduced under the brand name BioBay is a result of extensive market research taking into careful consideration customer feedbacks, current lifestyle needs and market trends. By keeping a keen ear to our customers’ voices, we were able to formulate specialized healthcare products that answer directly to their needs. This innovative approach to product development has proven to be pivotal to our success with customers responding positively to our product launches.

From our first product launch in 2013, we now have over 40 best-selling products under our BioBay belt. This rapid progress is possible only through the combination of our team’s market insights with our innovation partners’ professional manufacturing know-how, ultimately culminating in an innovative product range that accurately addresses our customers’ respective healthcare needs. How far are we willing to go to achieve innovation? As far as it takes. BioBay has partnered with leading experts, manufacturers and brands not only from Malaysia but also from France, Japan, India and many more emerging and developed countries in order to ensure the utmost best in healthcare solutions for its customers.


Advancing Health through Innovative

While our outlets also carry some of the popular healthcare brands out there, what truly sets BioBay apart is its very own BioBay range. Our ever-expanding BioBay product range currently comprises a total of over 40 types of nutritional, supplement and personal care products with new products added from time to time to meet ever-changing customer needs.

Specially developed through close collaboration with our innovation partners, each BioBay product development process is guided by insights from meticulous market research and close observation of customer lifestyle and trends. Our BioBay® Q10 4Plex, Gym-cumin Plus and Joingard series for instance, feature one-of-a-kind formulations respectively and are only available exclusively at BioBay throughout Malaysia. BioBay received due recognition for its development of Q10 4Plex with the product winning the Malaysia Health & Wellness Brand Award in 2017.


Boosting Health | Enhancing Lives

The accolades we have won to date, including the prestigious Malaysia Health & Wellness Brand Awards 2017 and Business Excellence Awards 2018 by Sin Chew Daily lend further testament to our commitment to innovation. While we are proud to win awards, the true measure of our success can only come from winning the hearts of our customers. As a result of our customer-centric approach to business, BioBay has enjoyed overwhelmingly positive customer reviews. Below are snapshots of positive feedbacks from our customers.

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Thinking Forward

A unique connection with our customers has brought us far, and inspired innovations that are otherwise impossible. Moving forward, we aim to preserve and further enhance this connection as we diversify our product portfolio. BioBay products are currently available in over 200 pharmacies and healthcare outlets nationwide. More strategic partnerships will be established to multiply customer touchpoints and enhance brand presence in order to connect more meaningfully with our customers.
Our team is committed to continue working closely with all stakeholders, be it our suppliers, partners or customers to develop even more insightful healthcare products that truly add value to our customers’ lives.

As a local organisation with a global mindset, we at BioBay are more determined today than ever to stay on our path of innovation as we continue our forward trajectory towards global recognition, ultimately putting our brand and by extension Malaysia, on the world map.

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