BG HeartWell is food product, not pharmaceutical drug. BG HeartWellTM contains only natural ingredients. There is no added-sugar, no-added artificial preservative, no-added colouring and flavouring. Oat beta-glucan is approved worlwide for human consumption and is clinically proven to benefit the health of your heart. There is no known side effect associaed with the consumption of oat beta-glucan.
BG HeartWell 属于食品,不是药品。它只含有天然成分,无添加糖,防腐剂,色素和调味料。在世界各地,燕麦β-葡聚糖是被批准供人食用的。此外,临床证明它是利于心脏健康的食物。目前并无任何有关食用燕麦β-葡聚糖后有副作用的真实报导。
Oat beta-glucan is approved worldwide for claims relevant to heart health. The health benefits of oat beta-glucan in reducing blood cholestrol and blood glucose have been clinically proven and scientifically substantiated.