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Bio-Bay Body Wash

Always looking for a non-chemical shampoo and shower gel for yourself and your little one?

BIOBAY Body Wash is Free from SLS, Free from artificial preservatives (such as parabens), Free from added colourants, all by plant based ingredients. Keep your skin feeling clean, hydrated and fresh. Revitalise and refresh the body with stimulating plant based extract. This delicately scented shower gel cleanses skin gently and is suitable for daily use.

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BIOBAY Colflex

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies, especially type 1 collagen. It's found in muscles, bones, skin, blood vessels, digestive system and tendons. It's what helps give our skin strength and elasticity, along with replacing dead skin cells. When it comes to our joints and tendons, in simplest terms, it's the "glue" that helps hold the body together.

Our body's collagen production naturally begins to slow down as we age. We can thank this degenerative process for signs of aging, such as wrinkles, sagging skin and joint pains due to weaker or decreased cartilage (hello, skeleton legs).

  •  Improves Health of Skin and Hair.
  •  Reduces Joint Pains and Degeneration.
  •  Helps Heal Leaky Gut
  •  Boosts Metabolism, Muscle Mass and Energy Output
  •  Strengthens Nails, Hair and Teeth.
  •  Improves Liver Health.
  •  Protects Cardiovascular Health.
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Bio-Bay Gym-cumin Plus Capsule / 60 capsules

BioBay Gym-cumin Plus Capsule helps to repair and regenerate the beta cells in the pancreas that produce insulin, Delay intestinal glucose absorption, Lower down blood sugar level and stimulate insulin production and Increase sensitivity of insulin.

  •  Helps to repair and regenerate the beta cells in the pancreas that produce insulin.
  •  Delay intestinal glucose absorption.
  •  Lower down blood sugar level and stimulate insulin production.
  •  Increase sensitivity of insulin.
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BioBay Gym-cumin Plus Capsule 帮助修复和促进胰脏的β细胞再生,以产生胰岛素,降低血糖在肠胃的吸收,降低血糖並刺激胰岛素的制造量和提高胰岛素的敏感性

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Bio-Bay 3way Plus Capsule / 120 vegetable capsules x 450mg

BioBay Three Way Plus Capsule is helps you to lose weight in the same time able to enjoy the food you always wanted without cutting anything down. is 100% Natural ingredient, safe and no side effects. the key of this product is by increase our body metabolism thus breaking down protein ,fat and carbohydrates and convert to energy that your our body needs.

BioBay Three Way Plus Capsule 是帮助你在同一时间能够享受你一直想不切割下来的任何食物减肥。100%天然成分,安全无副作用。该产品的关键是提高我们身体的新陈代谢从而打破蛋白质,脂肪和碳水化合物,并转换为你的身体需要能量。

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Bio-Bay Happy Kidz Oat Milk

Milk free diet for children with milk allergy

Those who avoid dairy milk, by choice or necessity, are fortunate to live in a time when multiple delicious and healthy milk alternatives are easy to find. Oat milk is a wonderful way to receive essential nutrition from a natural, lactose free, and sustainable source every day. Oats have many healing properties and are best known for their high protein and fiber contents.

  •  Nutritional & High Calcium.
  •  High Calcium, High Fiber, Nutritious.
  •  The natural oats planted in pure and natural environment contain plentiful nutrients and soluble fiber which supply us essential sustenance every day.
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Bio-Bay Happy Morning 19 grains 500gm

Why are Happy Morning 19 Grains so Vital gor Good Health? Contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber and hundreds of other phytonutrients. Recent study found people who are ate several servings each day, instead of refined grains, had less "belly fats" - the type of fat linked to higher risk for certain chronic diseases.

  • For Children
    Helps in transporting glucose in the body especially to our brain, helps increasing comprehension, memory, concentration and learning ability in children. Also help to strengthens bone and teeth, and boosts children's immune system.
  • For Adult
    Provides wholesome nutrition of calcium, zinc, magnesium, iron, soluble fiber, Vitamin B complex and Vitamin E, to regulate gastrointestinal functions and increase blood count. Also helps to reduce bad cholesterol, heart disease and high blood pleasure.
  • For Elderly
    Good resourceof Calcium, which to keep the elderly's bone structure stronger and healthier. Ginkgo is food for our brain cells in regulating cell metabolism and brain memory power to prevent Alzheimer.
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为什么我们每天都必须饮用快乐早晨的19谷粮?19谷粮含有各种维生素,矿物质,抗氧化剂,纤维及很多的植物营养素。每一种谷粮都提供着重要的营养素,将这些谷粮混合在一起食用会带给我们更好的营养素。最近的一项研究发现,人们如果每天都食用足够分量的谷粮,将会减少“腹部脂肪”--- 这是一种会提高人体患上某些慢性疾病风险的脂肪。

H-Bay Bg HeartWell

BG HeartWell is not only good for your heart but will also support you overall well-being by adding more dietary fibre into your diet. BG HeartWell is recommended for those who are interested in wellness and health maintenance.
除了对心脏有益,BG HeartWell 也在您的饮食中添加更多的膳食纤维,因此对您全面的身心健康都有好处。BG HeartWell 是特别推荐给所有注重健康及保健的人士。

BG HeartWell is food product, not pharmaceutical drug. BG HeartWell contains only natural ingredients. There is no added-sugar, no-added artificial preservative, no-added colouring and flavouring. Oat beta-glucan is approved worlwide for human consumption and is clinically proven to benefit the health of your heart. There is no known side effect associaed with the consumption of oat beta-glucan.
BG HeartWell 属于食品,不是药品。它只含有天然成分,无添加糖,防腐剂,色素和调味料。在世界各地,燕麦β-葡聚糖是被批准供人食用的。此外,临床证明它是利于心脏健康的食物。目前并无任何有关食用燕麦β-葡聚糖后有副作用的真实报导

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Bio-Bay HiFiber 20's

How Fiber Keeps You Full, Improves Health, and Aids Weight Loss

Many of us associate fiber with digestive health and bodily functions we’d rather not think about. However, eating foods high in dietary fiber can do so much more than keep you regular. It can lower your risk for heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, improve the health of your skin, and help you lose weight. It may even help prevent colon cancer. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t eating nearly enough in our diets. By using these tips to add more fiber to your diet, you can help prevent serious disease and look and feel your best.

Why Do I Need HiFiber? HiFiberTM helps to solves various problems, such as:

Weight issues Stomach upset or constipation
Lethargic of lack of energy Foul mood or emotional
Detox, Restore, Rejuvenate Detoxification and cleanse of blood
Improve blood circulation Better sleep
Restore cholesterol to standard level Improve cardiovascular health
Improve your mental well being Boost energy and vitality
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Bio-Bay Black Grains Protein

Black Bean
Black Sesame
Black Rice
Black Rye
Black Jujube
Black Fungus
Black bean consists only of phytosterol which inhibits absorption of cholesterol and lower blood cholesterol level. For old age, it helps to soften arteries, nourish skin, slow aging, and especially beneficial to diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, liver disease, arteriosclerosis.

Black sesame consists of Vitamin B1, B2, B6, C, E and dietary fiber. Black rice is good in blood pressure control, reduce risk in cardiovascular disease. Diabetic and cardiovascular disease patients may take black rice as part of diet in nursing health.

In year 2004, FAO estimated that the globally production of rye was 1.95 million tons. The hybrid of rye and wheat is called triticale which combines the characteristics of these two crops. Its hemicellulose content has high nutritional value. Some studies showed that hemicelluloses lead to food longer retention time in digestive tract, consists of anti-cancer effect.

The black jujube with balance nutrition has been recognized worldwide. Treatment for: Spleen and stomach weakness, fatigue, blood deficiency chlorosis, lack of fluid, palpitations, insomnia, hepatitis, high blood pressure, cirrhosis, edema. Black fungus consists of enzyme and alkali which helps in elimination of stone disease in bile, kidneys and bladder; meanwhile, it helps to enhance the secretion from the glands of digestive tract and urinary tract.

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Bio-Bay Eczedo Lotion

Sometimes a simple change in seasons means our skin starts looking like a desert, minus the tumbleweeds: dry, cracked, and dehydrated. If you're one for piling on oil or butter but you don't seem to get the moisturizing results you'd like, it might be time to try some Bio-Bay Eczedo Lotion to quench your stubbornly parched skin instead.

Suitable for all skin types
With vitamin E
Concentrated formula
Enhances moisturisation
All-day protection

It's a good body lotion, it's nourishing and smells very well ! Leaves skin feeling instantly smooth.

Paraben Free
PEG Free
Cruelty Free
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COMPLESURE Nutrition Powder

Complete, balanced nutrition for everyday health!

Each serving of COMPLESURE Nutrition Powder, from the #1 doctor-recommended brand* provides complete, balanced nutrition. Every prepared 8-fl-oz serving has:

9 grams of protein
26 essential vitamins and minerals, including antioxidants†
250 nutritious calories
*Among doctors who recommend liquid nutritional products to their patients.
†Vitamins C & E and Selenium. Let try Today! Promotion BUY 4 GET 1 FREE

Bio-Bay Origin Phyllanthus Plus 100's

Milk Thistle + Follium Melastoma Malabathricum + Phyllantus Ninuri in the combination has been used for:

Those with regular medications for heart, antibiotics and painkillers
Fatty liver
Poor bowel movement
Difficulty in losing weight
Bad breath
Uneven shintones and age spots
Strengthen the liver
Stimulates the growth of new liver cells
Those frequent tiredness and stressed lifestyles


H-Bay Shield

The human colon is a home to a large and dynamic bacteria community. There are probably 400-500 different types of bacteria species, collectively known as "intenstinal microflora". Among them, there're beneficial bacteria and harmful bacteria. Beneficial bacteria play a key role in supporting well-being of the host. These bacteria produce no harmful substances while inhibit or suppress the growth and multiplication or harmful bacteria and thus creating a favourable intestinal environment in the host. Low levels of bebeficial bacteria may encourage the growth and activity of harmful bacteria including those of pathogenic ones and this may lead to weakened functions of gastrointestinal and immune system. Therefore, it is important to always maintain a proper balance of intestinal microflora composition.

H-BAY Shield contains:
  •  Probiotic - Bifidobacterium longum BB536.
  •  Probiotic - Bifidobacterium breve M16V.
  •  Prebiotics - Fibregum.
  •  Prebiotics - Galacto-Oligosaccharides (GOS)
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Bio-Bay HI-Tonix

Anti-oxidants are "any substances at low concentration which can inhibit oxidation caused by free radical". They may act directly on free radicals or they may indirectly exhaust these free radicals so that further reactions may be stopped. It has been proven that there are more than 70 different types of ailments which are related to free radicals. It can be said that free radicals are the "cause of all ailments".

  • Mangosteens has been nicknamed "The Queesn of Fruits". It is rich in Xanthanes which is more potent in terms of anti-oxidation compared to Vitamins C & E
  • Hawthorn berry is also known as red fruit and it is rich in vitamins C and carotene
  • Pomegranate contains various types of amino acids and trace elements as well as Vitamin B complex
  • Green Tea contains the strong antioxidant Epigalocatehin galate - (EGCG)
  • Grape Seed and pine back are rich in OPC-Oligameric Proanthocynidins
  • Roselle is rich in Vitamins C and A.
  • Acai Berry is the fruit of a species of palm tree called acai palm or aqai (Euterpe aleracea), which is grown mainly in swamps and floodplains in Central and South America, Acai Berry has polyphenol content and antioxidant potency
  • Cranberry is rich in bioflavonoids.
  • Tomato (with Lycopene) was originally extracted from tomatoes and it is a form of carotene.


Ginkgo B.E.

Ginkgo biloba, which is also known as maidenhair, is an ancient plant extract that has been used in China medicinally to heal various health ailments for thousands of years. In fact, the University of Maryland Medical Center reports that ginkgo biloba is the oldest tree species on earth, and today it is one of the top-selling herbal treatments worldwide.

What makes ginkgo so powerful? Ginkgo biloba extract contains two constituents (flavonoids and terpenoids) that have strong antioxidant properties. It’s believed these may help slow down the progression of age-related diseases by combating oxidative stress that usually worsens as someone ages.
Bio-Bay Origin Ginkgo biloba extract tab Benefits:

  •  Increases Concentration.
  •  Helps Fight Anxiety and Depression.
  •  Helps Maintain Vision and Eye Health.
  •  Reduces Risk for Dementia and Alzheimer's
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Honey Dew Protein

Honey Dew Protein consists of the combination of organic soybean, soy protein, Grape Seed Extract (OPC) and lutein, with the delightful honey dew flavour. This beverage is high in protein which helps to build and repair tissues. OPC protects body cells from free radicals and slows down aging process while maintaining healthy body function.

With the added GOS that promotes better digestion, and lutein which protects eyesight, Honey Dew Protein is suitable for all age groups, especially diabetic patiends. Enjoy the nutritious drink of Honey Dew Protein, be healthy always

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Organic Oat Milk

Organic Oat Milk is the best choice for healthy and energetic life. This beverage is rich in oat beta glucan, rice bran and barley beta glucan that provide double effect in balancing normal blood cholesterol level.

With the added ingredient of pumpkin which protect the eyesight, and GOS which improves better digestive system, this beverage is suitable for all age groups, especially diabetic patients.

Enjoy the nutritious drink of Organic Oat Milk and maintain a strong and healthy body.

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SENCHA (Japanese Green Tea)

SENCHA is a Japanese green tea which is distinguished by its fresh taste and the uniform and emerald leaves. It is the most popular tea in Japan accounting for about 80% of the produced teas. SENCHA is like most Japanese green teas briefly treated with hot steam in order to prevent the oxidation (kill green) while in China green tea is mostly roasted for a short time at about 280℃

SENCHA is non-fermented tea. Freshly picked leaves are fixed, rolled and dried following a stringent process. The leaves give a clear yellow-green liquor which has a delicate aroma and fresh in taste. Green tea is known to have a rich content of catechins, which is a great source of anti-oxidant. Drinking green tea is believed to help build strong constitution and benefit general health. The main component of SENCHA (Japanese Green Tea) included Catechins, Vitamin C, E, B Group, R-Amino Butyric Acid, Flavonoid Vessel, Fluorine


Nebulizer is a drug delivery device used to administer medication in the form of a mist inhaled into the lungs. They can be used for medical treatment of the upper and lower respiratory tracts


Oralix antibedsore ripple mattress

Basic treatment therapeutic mattress supports is good for pressure ulcer therapy. Which includes an adjustable pump that allows for individual caregiver comfort settings. Heavy-duty, bubble-style pad is heat sealed by uniform tooling make pad more durable.


Element 23

Element 23, a product of Frane, with high bioavailabilty in the human system, which is made of 23 (12 fruits, 11 vegetables) consumer fruits, vegetables selected for their antioxidant activity.

Element 23 have concentrated the antioxidant powder of more phytonutrient responsible to provide maximum antioxidant (>5000 units) activity. Element 23 can be used as a dietary supplement and Health Beverage since most people do not eat 5-9 serving of fruits and vegetables a day.

  •  Help in the efficacy of anti-aging.
  •  Cardiovascular health.
  •  Reduction in free radicals, cholesterol & Aortic Fatty Streak (early lesions seen in arteries with atherosclerosis).
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BG 35

Research has identified the key component of the oat that offers the heart health benefits is the oat beta-glucan.

Oat beta-glucan forms a thick gel in the digestive tract. This gel binds to cholesterol, preventing them from being absorbed into the body. The gel and the cholesterol are then removed from the body as waste.

Production of bile requires cholestrol. Bile is released into the digestive tract to aid fat digestion and absorption. Oat beta-glucan binds to bile, excreting them from the body.

Removal of bile from your body causes the removal of cholesterol from the blood to produce more bile to compensate the loss digestion and absorption. Oat beta-glucan binds to bile, excreting them from your body.


Phycocyanin / Blue Element 28s

Phycocyanin, a product of France. Is a Natural Dietary Supplement extracted from a 3.6 billion years old known microalgae. It is not only natural but also water soluble and non-toxic molecule with potent and proven Health Properties.
Phycocyanin also support strong cytoprotective, hepatoprotective and neuroprotective profile of Phycocyanin and regular consumption will result in tremendous health & wellness.

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Back Stretcher

Spine (vertebra) is the backbone of human body. It acts as the axis and main hub for the yang to function. Therefore, the back and the intrathoracic organs are closely related. The ups and downs of internal organs are demonstrated at the back. One can manage the internal organs by manipulating the backbone.

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Lycoper Plus+

Lycopene is a supplement that has been proven to provide many health benefits. It is found in a wide assortment of the fruits and vegetables. Tomatoes contain the highest dietary content of lycopene of about 85%.

The effectiveness of the lycopene comes from its powerful antioxidants to maintain the thickness, strength and fluidity of your cell membranes, which are the protectors of other cells in your body. Lycopene also protects other structures in the body from oxygen damage.

In addition to most cancers, lycopene is also helpful in treating other conditions and illnesses such as preventing high LDL cholesterol and lowering triglycerides, helping with infertility, boosting sperm counts in men, plus the prevention of diabetes, aging of the skin and osteoporosis. It may even be effective in protecting the skin from sunburns.

Bio-Bay Lycoper Plus+
Each tablet (300mg)contains:
Fructus Solanum Lycopersieum (tomato) 100mg
Semen Vitis Vinifera (grape seed) 100mg
Folium Camelia Sinersis (Green Tea) 50mg
Agaricus Blazei Murill 50mg
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Vibrant Bright Toothpaste

Contains: Virgin Coconut Oil
Fluoride Free
Amino Acid Base
100% All Natural

Skincare Series

  • NO Preservative Added
  • NO Sulfate
  • NO Mineral Oil
  • NO Lanolin
  • NO Colorant
  • NO Comedogenic Substances
  • NO Animal Origin Ingredients

Purifying Cleanser  Omegalight 3 in 1 Serum  Body Wash

Bio-Bay Purifying Facial Cleanser

BIOBAY Purifying Facial Cleanser is surfactant-free, gentle & pH balanced to thoroughly cleanse the skin without stripping away the skin’s natural moisture.

What else you need to know:
It helps reduce the appearance of pores for a more balanced complexion and softer, smoother skin.
Excellent for all skin types

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Q10 4Plex

Q. What is CoQ10?

Also called by its full name coenzyme Q10, CoQ10 is a compound that occurs naturally within the cells of the human body. It is found in the mitochondria, rod-shaped structures inside each cell that serve as power generators for that cell.

  • Helping treat high blood pressure and heart disease
  • Enhancing immune system function
  • Providing an energy boost for people dealing with fatigue
  • Reducing high cholesterol levels in the blood
  • Stabilizing blood sugar levels of people with diabetes
  • Assisting in the treatment of cancer or the protection of organs from toxic chemotherapy drugs
  • Treating gum disease
  • Slowing down dementia progression
  • Increasing sperm count and motility
  • Preventing or treating migraine headaches


SEA Buckthorn Oil

Sea buckthorn oil is a powerful, nutrient rich oil which is used to relieve and even treat many internal health conditions.

Sea buckthorn oil is extracted from the berries and seeds of the sea buckthorn plant, and both the berries and seeds are great for the skin and provide internal benefits.

Sea buckthorn oil is noted for its powerful nutrition. Sea buckthorn oil contains Vitamin A, Vitamin E ( both tocopherol and tocotrienol forms ), Vitamin C, Vitamin K , Lycopene and numerous other flavonoids and phytonutrients. It is healthy when consumed internally as a supplement!

  • Preventing sunburn
  • Treating radiation damage from UV radiation
  • Gentle to baby skin
  • Skin color changes after deliver baby
  • Nourishes and anti-aging spot
  • Improves skin problems due to blood toxins
  • Prevent and reduce stretch mark
  • Suitable for all skin type
  • Promotes wound healing
  • Control sebum and anti-bacteria, effective in acne treatment
  • Anti-wrinkles
  • Anti-virus and improves skin diseases due to infection, eczema and psoriasis
  • Effective for acne, dermatitis, dry skin, eczema
  • Fine massage oil
  • Healing wounds including bedsores, burns, and cuts
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Bio-Bay Saffron Plus

BioBay Saffron Plus Capsule is helps you to lose weight in the same time able to enjoy the food you always wanted without cutting anything down.

BioBay Saffron Plus Capsule is 100% Natural ingredient, safe and no side effects.

BioBay Saffron Plus Capsule can increase our body metabolism thus breaking down protein, fat and carbohydrates and convert to energy that your our body needs.

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Bio-Bay SeaBuckThorn

Bio-Bay SeaBuckThorn has been given name as "NUTRIENT BOMB" or "LIFE OIL":

Protects gastric mucasa, cures gastric ulcer
Improves and relief joint pain and arthritis
Alleviates dry, gritty or sensitive eyes
Improves chronic virginal inflamation and dryness
Relieves cracked heels and sensitive hands
Improves dry mounth symptoms


Bio-Bay Vitamin C Gummy

Vitamin C is crucial for children's good health and development. Read on to find out how much vitamin C your child needs, which sources are the best, and how to avoid getting too little or too much.

Why vitamin C is important
Vitamin C helps form and repair red blood cells, bones, and tissues. It helps your child's gums stay healthy and strengthens your child's blood vessels, minimizing bruising from falls and scrapes. In addition, vitamin C helps cuts and wounds heal, boosts the immune system, and keeps infections at bay. And it helps the body absorb iron from food sources.

Vitamin C is water soluble, so any excess is flushed from the body in your child's urine. However, megadoses can still cause nausea, diarrhea, kidney stones, and gastritis (inflammation of the stomach lining).

Supports general health & wellbeing
Great tasting fruits flavour kids love
No artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners
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An impeccable product incorporated with powerful antioxidant to replenish lutein concerntration, support vision acuity and preserve overall body health. Advanced microencapsulation technology used increased the bioavailability of antioxidant and hastens the absorption into targeted cell.

Improves eyesight
Helps in andropause/erection
Smoother complexion
Aid in excreting clogged stool
Relieves menstrual pain
Normalize blood pressure

Quality Assurance Quick Guide:


Z-Element features a blend of specially selected fruits, flower and tea leave powder with great taste. A tea flower blends help to rejuvenate, relax & refresh your mind and body.