Fabulous 5 Value Pack (15’s)


Sachet Convenient Pack (30g x 5’s)
5 flavors in 1 box


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Fabulous 5 give your morning a boost of nutrition

5 flavors in
❤️ Happy Ancient Grains 

Powerful antioxidants to increases blood count, improves menstrual pain and menopause, enhances healthy blood circulation and promotes rosy skin complexion.

? Purple Ancient Grains 
Made from high-quality purple sweet potato that is packed with high antioxidants with a combination of nutrient-rich grains and inulin for good health and to protect cells from the damaging effects of oxidative stress.

? Supergreen Ancient Grains 
Provides nutrient needs from green vegetables to supports the body’s immunity, energy levels and detoxification.

? Brown Rice Cereal 
First in Malaysia cereal drink that added Ginkgo Biloba & Lutein as superfood ingredient. Be Brainsome! Be Eyevelous!

? Black Grains Protein 
Rich in protein and dietary fibre, low in cholesterol and have no added sugar. it’s packed with nutrients that are essential for strong and healthy hair. Great in anti-aging too!

General Health Benefits of Fabulous 5
– High in nutrients
– Lower risk of heart disease & diabetes
– Prevent obesity
– Support healthy digestion
– No Sugar Added
– Cholesterol Free

Direction of use:
1 sachet + 200ml of warm water, stir and mix

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Fabulous 5 Value 15 (15's), Fabulous 5 Value15 (15's) X3 + Biobay Shaker X1

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