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BIOBAY Black Grains Protein (800g)


BIOBAY Black Grains Protein is rich in protein and dietary fibre, low in cholesterol and have no added sugar. it’s packed with nutrients that are essential for strong and healthy hair. It also helps to boost our immune system and prevent constipation.

The deep black color is an indication of high antioxidant properties, which is great for anti-aging. Consume BIOBAY Black Grains Protein every day to maintain your health at optimum level.

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Who Needs it 适用人群:
Poor digestive system 消化系统差
Individual who need to boost stamina 需要提升身体耐力的人士
Individual who suffer from hair loss and white hair problem 脱发及白发困扰
Elderly 老年人
Individual who want youthful skin 爱美人士

Features 功效:
Anti Aging 延缓衰老
Keeps hair strong and healthy 保持头发乌黑亮丽
Enhances immune function 提升免疫能力
Helps control high blood pressure 有助于控制高血压
Defeats blood deficiency 改善血虚
Prevents diseases due to aging 防止老年性疾病

Highlights 产品摘要:
Lower calorie (360kcal/100g)
Higher protein content (30%)
Advisable for :
1. Premature graying of hair/hair loss
2. Dark eye circles improvement
3. Blood cells regeneration for anemic patients
4. Those who get tired easily
5. Kidney protection
6. Improve stamina

Direction of use 服用说明:
Add 25g of Black Grains Protein into a glass of 150ml warm water, mix well and it’s ready to serve.
在150毫升温水中加25克Black Grains Protein,搅拌均匀即可食用。

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