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BIOBAY Coral Calcium Plus (120’s)


BIOBAY Coral Calcium not only provides calcium, but also Vitamin D3 to maximize calcium absorption. Calcium is essential for bone health and proper working of skeletal muscles. If there is inadequate levels of calcium in the blood, our body will draw calcium out of our bones, thus increasing the risk of osteoporosis. Calcium supplementation is especially important for postmenopausal women due to the drop in estrogen level.

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– Increase bone formation
– Prevent osteoporosis
– Proper working of organs and skeletal muscles

Suitable for individuals who:
– Pregnant women
– Over 50 years old
– Post-menopausal women

Direction of use:
Adult: 2 capsules twice daily after meal.

Coral Calcium 200mg (Providing Calcium 70mg)
Lithothamnion calcareum 200mg (Providing Calcium 64 mg)
Vitamin D3 1mg (100 I.U.)


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