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Galaxis Healthcare Sdn Bhd, established in year 2013, has an extensive wholesale network in Malaysia with 40 distinct classes of popular health food supplements.

With a solid management structure, Galaxis Group has developed by leaps and bounds, growing from strength to strength with our pharmacies as well as our own healthcare brands, winning unparalleled support in the market.

After years of hard work, coupled with the right market conditions, Galaxis Group is poised to expand and scale the next level, destined to become a dazzling star in the Malaysian healthcare market!


Heart & Soul of the Company

Since the inception of the Group, the brand has grown steadily and attained great success, thanks to the team efforts of the team, who have collectively led the Group on the right track and direction, a path of lustrous glory.


Giving Back to Customers

It is our long-term practice to go all out to reward our customers so as to forge a good rapport with them. We vow to shower our customers with sincerity and warm human touch.


Caring for Customers

BIOBAY, apart from rewarding our customers, regularly conduct all sorts of healthcare activities to care for people of all ages, attracting overwhelming response and participation from our customers.

To ensure good customer care, every one of our team conduct free medical and healthcare activities a few times annually, catering to the needs of all age groups—from children to the elderly—so that everybody can benefit from them.

For the past 5 years, we have been conducting numerous medical and healthcare activities with various suppliers. As an example, we have invited Public Bookshop, a renowned bookstore chain in Malaysia, to hold medical and healthcare seminars to share our professional expertise.


Health Consultant

We position ourselves as our customers’ good neighbor—your family healthcare consultant. We readily share health tips with them, and they can always feel our love and care.

Before we launch a new product, we would conduct a market survey to really understand the market’s needs. Then we would design the most suitable product to fulfill those needs.


Healthy Book Launch

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